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A century-old company

For over 125 years, the Art de Lys Company has created, woven and manufactured collections of upmarket, jacquard patterns for decorating present day and future interiors. The workshops are located at Lys-Lez-Lannoy, in the heart of the historical textile area in northern France.

The Tissage Art de Lys workshops consolidate the entire production chain, from designing the patterns to the finished product via weaving, thereby guaranteeing 100% French manufacture.

Choosing quality raw materials also contributes to the company’s demands, as it selects suppliers who share the same values of refinement, excellence and quality. The threads are dyed by a textile company in the North of France.



Tissage Art de Lys is the guarantee of exceptional expertise inherited from the Middle Ages and unanimously acclaimed in France and abroad.

Created in 1890 by Jean Deffrennes-Canet and Edouard Catrice, the company started life as a workshop specialising in the manufacture of tapestries, rugs, velvet rugs and prayer mats. In 1983, it became Tissage Art de Lys, and began concentrating on decorative tapestries.

Today, the Tissage Art de Lys Company offers upmarket, decorative textile accessories (cushions, draught excluders, cosmetic bags, bell-pulls, bed and table runners, etc.), blending tradition and modernity.

The expertise to be found at Tissage Art de Lys is based on the traditional and complex jacquard weaving technique, which consists in interweaving two types of thread: warp and weft threads. This extremely precise technique enables the interweaving of nearly 105 threads per square centimetre and thus achieving an incomparable level of finesse and a multitude of colours, which are traditionally the hallmarks of the Tissage Art de Lys products.

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